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Panasonic electric toothbrush lets you keep up with the pace

Date:2017-08-29 / Hits:

Smart home appliances have been more and more modern families to accept, sweeping robots, wireless vacuum cleaners, smart toilet cover, etc. cover all aspects of our lives. The same care products also entered the smart era, cleansing instrument, facial massage a variety of functional products are also popular with consumers. With the increase in people's awareness of oral health, brush your teeth is no longer every day we have to do the "routine" for the teeth have a high demand for clean consumers continue to pursue more efficient and intelligent brushing experience, So electric toothbrush is more and more people to accept.
Panasonic's new electric toothbrush EW-DL83, compared to ordinary electric toothbrush, this electric toothbrush in a higher degree to show the power of its black technology, so that your intelligent oral cleaning to a new height.

Panasonic electric toothbrush EW-DL83 from the details at the most vividly demonstrated its intelligent and high-tech. This electric toothbrush uses a unique high-speed magnetic levitation motor technology, through the frequency of 31,000 times per minute can effectively clean the teeth and gums. Not only that, it's sensing function, when you brush your teeth over force, will automatically reduce the amplitude, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the gums.

Panasonic electric toothbrush EW-DL83 for the design of the bristles also have a comprehensive human upgrade. To avoid the ordinary straight bristles, the use of soft 0.02mm fine bristles can be deep into the gingival sulcus to remove latent tartar, 3 mm high and low differential bristles, can prevent excessive penetration of bristles into the gums, reduce the damage to the gums, while gently brushing massage gums more care Gingival health. In addition, this electric toothbrush with three different brush head, respectively, for the fine brush head, multi-faceted brush head, point to the point of tooth cleaning clean brush, we can according to their own needs to choose the type of brush for use , Let you enjoy the ultimate high-end brushing experience, effective massage and clean teeth, care gums, experience the new life of intelligent.

In addition, the Panasonic electric toothbrush EW-DL83 30 seconds of intelligent reminders to make each brushing time control in the best condition. Every 30 seconds of mild vibration can remind you to switch to the next oral area, 2 minutes after the vibration, to remind you to brush your teeth. Not only to ensure that the dentist recommended 2 minutes of healthy brushing time, but also to brush your teeth more efficient, the use of intelligent reminder function, can easily get a comprehensive oral cleaning care. Moreover, the Panasonic electric toothbrush EW-DL83 innovative rechargeable base can be charged for 2 minutes, the use of 2 minutes, even in the absence of electricity, but also that can be used, speed charging function to consumers a peace of mind brushing Experience.

Electric toothbrush of the 2.0 era has come, come to achieve oral health of the "wisdom of life" it, Panasonic electric toothbrush EW-DL8 will soon be listed, please feel the first time to clean it charm it!