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About KIVOS Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday holiday

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The annual Mid-Autumn Festival National Day double again, the value of 2017 "Mid-Autumn Festival National Day" on the occasion of the occasion, Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. here wish you "Mid-Autumn Festival National Day" happy, healthy!
According to the national holiday holiday arrangements, combined with the actual situation of the company, the study decided, now 2017 "Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday" related matters to make the following arrangements (see below):
"Mid-Autumn Festival National Day" holiday time (whichever is the specific)
First, the holiday schedule
1, the company "Mid-Autumn Festival National Day double" holiday: October 01 (Sunday) to October 08 (Sunday), a total of 8 days off, October 09 normal work, please adjust the actual workload of various departments.
2, each department during the holiday need to go to work, specifically to listen to departmental arrangements. (Note: all departments October 1 - October 4 period [statutory holidays] prohibit the arrangements for staff to work.)
3, the Ministry of Human Resources security officers "Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday" during the holiday as usual to work, strictly adhere to the workplace, which October 1 - October 4 for the national statutory holidays, one day in accordance with the three days of wages.
4, "Mid-Autumn Festival National Day" October 1 - October 4 period for the national statutory holidays, holiday employees can enjoy 4 days paid leave.
Second, the Mid-Autumn Festival National Tourism Raiders
Mid-Autumn Festival National Day this rare twelfth, I believe many people early to buy tickets to go home to reunion or travel trip, and this Mid-Autumn Festival a total of 8 days, whether it is home or travel is enough.
But everyone in fact the heart of the National Day holiday is love and hate, and finally look forward to a good play, and a good rest, but the thought of home, whether it is driving the car are so tired, out of travel are full of people are cold heart The How to say it, the play or play, spend money to buy crime also like, the so-called pain and happy to say that is the meaning of the.
Xiaobian here for everyone to recommend a few travel will go to several attractions, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Yuanmingyuan, the Summer Palace are several places where we will travel it, but as long as the holidays are crowded, we play, It is best to stagger the peak to climb the Great Wall, visit the Yuanmingyuan Summer Palace, feel the infinite beauty of the beautiful scenery. (As shown below)

Forbidden City

Summer Palace map

Great Wall
We go out to play are happy and happy, but we also have to pay attention to the following aspects:
1, go out to play, we must pay attention to safety, with children must take care of children.
2, travel can choose to group or Zijia You, girls do not recommend personal travel, and now outside too messy.
3, go out to play with a good wallet, identity cards, mobile phones and other valuables and safe custody, so as not to be pickpocketing, and pay attention to traffic safety.
4, out to play to stagger the peak, and now everywhere crowded, will be very crowded, remember not to get away, driving a friend suggested to prepare more water, bread, moon cake and other food, do a good job of traffic jam preparation.
5, now into the fall, and sooner or later the temperature difference is large, snake insects ants are easy to come and down, remember to bring a little more clothes and health supplies.
6, out of travel some daily necessities are essential, after all, many things are not convenient at home, such as charging Po, mobile phone charger, towels, acoustic electric toothbrush, flashlight and so on.
S61 sonic electric toothbrush with disinfection box version

S61 sonic electric toothbrush with disinfection box version
Certainly a lot of people have not heard sonic electric toothbrush, here simply said, like the well-known "Golden Vickers KiVOS" brand series S61 acoustic electric toothbrush with sterilization box set is to use magnetic levitation high frequency acoustic vibration motor, up to 32000 times / Minute, with a deep cleaning whitening teeth function, 2 minutes regular brushing, 30 seconds partition reminders, can effectively remove plaque, clean mouth and other powerful features, body 7 waterproof, also equipped with UV UV disinfection box, not only can disinfect also You can charge, full of electricity can be used for 30 days, so that travel can be effective to ensure health and health friends.
Hope that the above Zhongqiu National Day double out to play and home to help people, gold Wei Shi technology blessing everyone in the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday happy, family reunion, good health!
KIVOS Technology
September 11, 2017