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Oral care"KiVOS"and"SOGUE"brand introduc

Date:2017-08-29 / Hits:

Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. in order to further expand the company's business and to meet the next Chaoyang products brought about by the great development, from the end of 2016 officially established the "oral care products division", the main research and development to adult electric toothbrush, children Electric toothbrush and tooth care related oral care products. The current S61, S51 two types of electric toothbrush products have their own appearance patent certification, FDA health certification, CE / FCC and domestic quality inspection reports and other certification. And has registered "KiVOS" and "SOGUE" oral care brand trademark. We believe that we have the joint efforts of our people, we will also provide you with more high-quality technology products.

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